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           ABOUT ME: Science author, Philosopher, poet, environmentalist, scholar, free thinker and successful businessman. I love nature and animals, truth, beauty, and art, and enjoy living among all. Currently live in a big old house on top of a hill on 16 acres of woods in an extensive natural area of the New Jersey Highlands. I'm generally easy going, peaceful, healthy living and loving. I have few material needs and believe in investing for the future more than consumerism.

           Edgar L. Owen was born April 1st, 1941 and quickly realized that reality is not as it appears to be. A child prodigy, he entered the University of Tulsa aged 15 and received a B.S. with honors in science and mathematics with a minor in philosophy at 18 before completing several more years of graduate study in physics and philosophy.

           In the early 60’s he moved to the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco where he hung out with notables from the Beat Generation, and conducted an intense personal study of the nature of mind and consciousness. From there he traveled to Japan where he lived for three years studying Zen and Buddhist philosophy while subsisting as a ronin English teacher.

           Upon returning to the US he began a career in computer science writing numerous programs in artificial intelligence, simulations, graphics, and cellular automata while designing and managing advanced computer systems for the New York Federal Reserve Bank and AT&T. He then left the corporate world to start his own software business marketing his own CAD programs, which he ran for a number of years. Currently he owns a premier Internet gallery of fine Ancient Art and Classical Numismatics at EdgarLOwen.com.

           Deeply immersed in nature since childhood, and always considering it the ultimate source of his inspiration and knowledge of reality, he has served as Chairman of his local Environmental Commission and organized several campaigns to protect the local environment and its wildlife.

           Over the last several years he has worked to combine and organize the results of a lifetime of study of the various aspects of reality into a single coherent Theory of Everything. He now spends most of his time exploring the wonderful awesome mystery of reality and how it can be experienced more fully and deeply and enjoying his existence within it.

           Edgar currently lives in Northern NJ in a big old house on top of a hill where he communes with nature and enjoys the company of his wild visitors including the occasional human. Edgar is currently single and looking for a younger housekeeper companion ☺. He can be contacted at Edgar@EdgarLOwen.com.

           SEEKING A COMPATIBLE WOMAN OR LONG TERM COMPANION: I'm seeking a compatible, loyal, caring, natural, affectionate, non-feminist woman who believes that male female relationships should not be adversarial or selfish, but based on mutual love, trust and benefit. Hopefully young and healthy enough to be able to help me out through my old age. I'm also open to the possibility of a long term possibly live in friend or companion to share my house and help take care of things. Someone quiet, peaceful and down to earth who appreciates my work and lifestyle would be ideal. That could be either a man or woman or even a couple. If you are interested in discussing this further or know someone who might be please feel free to contact me at EdgarOwen@att.net.