An Optimal Future

Visions Of What Could Be

* * *



Everyone is equipped with a single hands free intelligent communication device most likely in the form of a wearable collar or torc that provides continuous instant access to the Smart Network described in the next section. This device also enables instant communication with anyone anywhere who opts in to receive communications from the user.

It also provides access to one's credits (money) account and the means to transfer payments between anyone anywhere for any purpose. The system is completely secured by biometric DNA based encoding of one's device that works only if worn by the owner.

Smart Collars, in conjunction with the Smart Skins described below, continually automatically monitor one's health and environment and provide automatic warnings with calls to appropriate response services.


Wearable second skins in the form of very thin electronic fabric whole body suit with intelligent protective qualities against attack weather, and other harm. Also acts as an exoskeleton to increase one's physical abilities to some extent. Completely flexible against internal body movements but automatically instantly resistant against deformation from external forces such as strikes from blunt force, bullets or stabs or cuts. With protection sufficient to protect against most attacks from animals or humans and to provide cushioning from falls and other impacts. Also completely impervious to gas, radiation, infectious agents. When wearing it it regulates temperature in any expected climate by generating heat or cooling where needed. Don't need shoes or any other clothing to be comfortable and safe in any climate.

Also completely sensitive to positive touches, caresses etc. and could in fact heighten sensitivity to those. Has automatic elastic exits for bodily functions eating and smelling. Essentially it functions as a superior exterior tough and intelligent second skin. Could include automatic eyesight correction with zoom telescope, microscope and image processing capability.


The Smart Network is a greatly expanded and unified internet with the addition of massive AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities. Inquiries would return the best most accurate answer to any question rather than the millions of mostly irrelevant hits of Google. It contains all human knowledge and provides the clearest possible answer to any inquiry at any level with interactive intelligent followup.

As with other essential services, the Smart Network is provided and maintained by the planetary government as it is too important to be subject to profit motives. Of course that requires an open and benevolent government that allows maximum freedom of access to all its people. It is clearly to the advantage of society as a whole for every one of its citizens to be as well informed and well educated as possible. This maximizes the growth and progress of the planet. There is some allowance for private and proprietary data however. Access to the Smart Network is free for everyone because it is clearly best for the planetary nation to have everyone be as intelligent and well informed and well advised as possible.

The code for the Smart Network is public knowledge, but cannot be loaded or modified by anyone outside the secure government area that oversees it. While anyone can upload data onto the SmartNet, only a select few authorized personel have the ability to modify and load code. The system must be completely trustworthy and non-hackable. Anyone can run simulations on the payment system, or other subsystems, to ensure theur honesty and reliability and it is constantly monitored by the intelligence of the system itself.

The SmartNet functions as a super AI systems to diagnose illnesses, provide optimal advice on all areas of personal and governmental decision making and detailed analysis of probability weighted effects of the decisions one has available. These functions are all transparent and accessible to everyone for their personal use. This enables anyone to diagnose his own actions and problems in the most objective and intelligent possible manner.

The user interface is able to present as a super intelligent loving friend through the user's Smart Collar, a personal friend who provides optimal advice on all decision making. It communicates as a friend in whatever voice best suits the user and the occasion.

The Smart Net is directly but wirelessly linked to users' brains to allow internal images, voices, etc. but in a way that is always clearly experienced as an advisor rather than in any way preempting the self. One always maintains personal decision making independence. Smart Collar's can be removed at anytime to refresh one's natural self. However when wearing it we become greatly enhanced humans.

The system can also provide totally realistic interactive simulation of any desired scenario for entertainment purposes provided the user is in a secure environment. In these cases one can actually experience any desired scenario as if it is completely real. However the user is always returned to actual reality at an appropriate time, and the system always continually monitors the user's actual real world state. Thus there is never any danger of becoming permanently lost in fantasy, no matter how pleasant.

Essentially the Smart Network boosts everyone's functional intelligence by tying individual minds to collective human intelligence and knowledge, and it also functions as an ever present best friend and advisor to help keep people out of trouble and aid them in making the best possible life decisions on a moment by moment basis. The user can choose it's voice, gender, personality to get the most wonderful friend or set of friends one can imagine, or this can all be optimized automatically by the system based on one's reactions to how various I-friends present themselves.


Government provided single electronic monetary system to facilitate all electronic credits exchange (the single planet wide monetary system). This single system securely and efficiently handles all monetary exchange on the planet. It concurrently funds the government via instantaneous minute percentage taxation of every monetary transaction. LIkewise all government benefit payments are automatically deposited into one's personal account via the same system. It's completely automatic and secure with no more worrying about one's bank balances or taxes based on the totally isolated and secure code of the Smart Network.

There are huge advantages to such a system. Taxation is completely equitable and instantaneous and the tax percentage can be adjusted on the fly to cover emergency government expenditures to cover major events if necessary, or lowered when adequate government funds are available. It also eliminates huge numbers of unnecessary jobs. It also greatly facilitates accurate and responsible economic forecasting and planning as all economic data is available on a single data system.

This would all be public data, though the details of individuals' finances would be private to them. Its public nature would provide an additional check and balance on the operation of the system.


Consisting of super strong, super mobile, high energy robots all super intelligent via connections to the collective intelligence network. All members capable of instant multiple duty in policing, protection, emergency rescue and medical services, construction, environmental work, home chores and all other physical work. Each with full AI plug in to the collective intelligence.

They also man specialized medical centers with intelligent equipment able to quickly reconstitute any type of tissue according to a person's DNA instructions. Thus single treatment equipment is able to treat nearly all medical problems, as well as rebooting one's systems to maximize health, vigor and longevity. minimal work most done by robots. how do people replenish their monetary credits? And what is the function of humans? just love and art and spiritual appreciation of nature and reality?


Most, if not all, parts of the human body are now replaceable by new ones grown from one's own stem cells in vitro. It is also now possible to continually lengthen one's telomeres as an additional means to prolong life. Perhaps eventually even possible to transplant one's brain into an entirely new body, either a copy or an improved version. With life extension, it becomes ever more important to limit new births to the best possible individuals.


In addition to Smart Skins much more powerful wearable Personal Exoskeletons are available that enormously enhance one's speed, strength and dexterity and provide maximum protection against almost any injury. These are used both for greatly enhanced manual labor, especially with a range of attachable specialized appendages, and for hiking and exploring wilderness and safely mingling with any sort of wild animal in its natural environment.


Current foods appropriate vast areas of nature, use huge amounts of dangerous polluting chemicals, and result in enormous suffering to animals raised for meat. However a small set of factory grown, biologically based artificial foods could be much more efficiently produced while better supplying all necessary nutrients in the safest possible manner without killing animals or degrading natural environments. Obviously this is something that requires a very high level of intelligent capability to get right.

Under the right conditions cellular based food growth systems can easily double production every few hours. Cells designed specifically to manufacture optimal combinations of human nutrients and reproduce themselves quickly are continually harvested and delivered via the Smart transportation system.


On demand 3D printing in any combination of materials to produce personalized products and deliver via smart roads. Order via interactive intelligent user friendly CAD based systems that walk a buyer through the design process via answers to simple questions with visual feedback.

Near total efficient recycling of almost every natural resource to allow minimal extraction of new mineral resources. Recycled plastic based wood replacements so as not to destroy forests which is the by far the natural product whose extraction destroys the greatest natural areas.


Smart power grid integrated with Smart Buildings that automatically directs power to where it's needed.

Ultimately near unlimited energy sources in small light personal and commercial units available for everyone running on quantum vacuum power or some other as yet undiscovered energy source.

Smart Power Grid is an essential service provided and managed by the Global Government. The integrated code that runs the entire system is not modifiable by any other parties and thus cannot be hacked or brought down maliciously.


Prefabricated single piece plastic buildings with electric heating built into every wall. All appliances and other intelligent devices attach anywhere to draw power from closest location. All appliances and other devices are programmable are securely controllable by the owner from any location via the Smart Network.

Smart walls. All exterior and interior surfaces are programable displays that one can set to either reflect or absorb heat, display video wallpapers, or radiate heat. Windows, either one-way or bidirectional are programmable transparencies in the walls and can be instantly opened, closed or relocated anywhere. Walls are also all hollow and function as dual purpose cabinets and insulation spaces.

Single piece prefabricated dwellings sitting on independent isolated foundations are completely earthquake resistant, and can be picked up and relocated anywhere. They are also completely bulletproof and intruder resistant opening only for owner or authorized agents. As single contained units they are also completely waterproof and float in floods or tsunamis.


To optimize transportation of people and physical goods all roads and vehicles are fully automated. The Smart Road network knows the current position, speed and destination queue of every Smart Vehicle, and is able to optimize the throughput of traffic flow. This enables an order of magnitude increase in traffic throughput on the same road system as vehicles are able to move safely at much higher speeds much closer together, and to choose the best routes to their destinations automatically for the benefit of total vehicle throughput.

This is facilitated via embedded sensors along all roads that continually interactively monitor GPS sensors in every vehicle and control its movements.

All electric vehicles with super capacity quickly rechargeable long lasting batteries. Current battery technology is bulky and heavy, and takes a long time to recharge. Future batteries will act more like capacitor-battery hybrids which charge quickly but discharge slowly as needed and store large amounts of energy in smaller packages.

Much more efficient than private vehicles for everyone would be Smart Public Transportation and Taxis which would continually move along the grid picking up and transporting passengers as needed. This would greatly reduce the number of vehicles necessary to move the same number of people and goods and obviate the need for large parking areas. If anyone could quickly and dependably be picked up at any location and transported to any destination the need for expense private automobiles would be greatly reduced. Travelers would simply enter pickup and destination requests into the network and pay via their Smart Collars.

The Smart Road system is a public service run by the government because it is to the advantage of society as a whole to enable the most efficient transpiration of people, goods and services. The planetary transportation system is much too important to leave to private profit making companies. The Smart Government can do it most efficiently at the lowest possible cost.

Additional orders of magnitude efficiencies derive from smart flying vehicles, as the grid expands from very limited 2 dimensional infrastructure that requires large maintenance expenditures to more or less unlimited 3 dimensional travel through the air with no infrastructure to be maintained. Automated drone networks deliver small products, larger ones requiring advanced energy efficient propulsion systems move humans and larger loads efficiently at much higher speeds and much more directly.


INTRODUCTION: How incredible and tragic it is that no one today presents us with an comprehensive vision of the best possible future that can be imagined! Somehow Utopian visions are considered naive and quaint and irrelevant even though they are needed now more than ever. When one looks at actual predictions for the future they are either endless varieties of doomsday scenarios of various credibility or specific projections of individual technological advances. But no one, absolutely no one, dares lay out any ideal comprehensive vision of the future. And nearly all future visions are concerned only with short time frames of a few years to perhaps the end of the current century. We certainly need to plan for those time frames but those plans must be informed by much longer term plans as well. Never mind that it is essential to do so if we wish to guide our destiny rather than remain mere passengers on the hurtling train of history carried passively along on the tracks of current trends. Much better to visualize and clarify a realistic vision of an ideal future than be carried to destruction on the currents of short term trends. Much better to develop a compassionate and sustainable plan for the planet as a whole than to passively trust in the resultant vector of competing self serving short sighted actions of individual players to lead us to anything but destruction.

The vision laid out in this section hopes to begin to change that by presenting an outline of an optimal future to help focus our collective imagination towards what the future could become because only thus can we hope to guide the present towards such a future. This vision aims to bring the maximum possible perfection from the realm of the imaginary down to reality in this world on this planet we call Earth. This is a work in progress and there is much more I hope to lay out on this subject given the time.....


The goal of an optimal future must be peace and sustainability and the maximization of the health and happiness of humans and the Earth. This requires a relatively stable human population in balance with a stable use of natural resources. That is the only way humans can survive and prosper over the long run. Thus there must be an enlightened combination of natural living in tune with nature enhanced by only that technology which is truly beneficial for both the planet and the lives of humans.


single wise, just, compassionate planetary government providing all necessary services to everyone. (see description under optimal government.) Funded solely by minute % tax on every money transaction. Same laws apply to everyone world wide. Anyone able to freely travel anywhere at any time. eliminates war, reduces all violence to minute levels. Humanely eugenically reduces human population to minimal sustainable population of the most loving, compassionate, most intelligent and most physically healthy and attractive individuals.


The single biggest threat to the planet is massive human over population because all active threats to the health of the Earth derive from misguided human activity and this in general is proportional to the number of individual humans. Thus an optimal future requires a greatly reduced human population so as to remain in balance with sustainable natural resources and reduce the amount of deleterious human activity. An optimal sustainable human population would probably number less than 1 billion, possibly considerably less. See the section on population for more on the problem of human over population and how to best address it.


The human population's primary duty would be to tend the Earth. They would be the gardeners and nurturers of the Earth devoted to keeping it as healthy as possible. This would involve a constant intensive study to uncover the true understanding of the systems of the Earth both living and non living and then doing only what is necessary to keep these systems in balance in recognition of the fact that in general natural systems tend to stay in balance unless disrupted by man; that in general 'Nature Knows Best' as it is an enormously complex self regulating system that incorporates the evolved intelligence of billions of years.


The reduction in human over population must be directed towards increasing the intelligence of that reduced population. The current functional intelligence of the human population is abysmal in its inability to even recognize much less address and solve the major problems facing the world. First there must be strong financial and other incentives to encourage the most innately intelligent and mentally healthy to reproduce and disincentives for others. But innate intelligence is useless without proper education and understanding. It does however provide the ability to learn and understand given proper education.


The most important goal of all education is to produce the widest and most accurate understanding of the world in which we live most specifically the true dynamics of the natural systems of the Earth and of human society so that those may both be managed optimally as a single system. Education must be a continuous lifelong process that continues from youth through adulthood. The most effective means to educate people is by means of an intelligent interactive network that functions as a lifelong tutor in all subjects and that can be personalized to the needs of individuals. This allows everyone to learn at their own pace and to follow their interests. This must be supplemented as needed by direct immediately available contact with appropriate experts through the network to answer and explain otherwise confusing points. The whole process should be as efficient and immediate as possible in supplying the most accurate information possible.

It is vitally important that this be a single global system containing the best understanding of all human knowledge and able to convey that knowledge at all levels of education to anyone in terms of their own level of understanding. This intelligent network would be the ultimate repository of all human knowledge and function as a super intelligence able to teach that knowledge in the most effective possible manner to any human in his own terms. Though it should allow the student to follow his interests wherever he wished it should also understand the knowledge of the student and intelligently guide his studies towards a well rounded education.

Equally important with accurate knowledge is the suppression of the vast bodies of false and dysfunctional beliefs which currently infect the minds of humans. Though free speech is vital to the maintenance of true knowledge and personal freedom the many false beliefs must be actively combated, disincentivized and allowed to wither and die as historical oddities and dysfunctional dead ends. These include the incredibly moronic religious beliefs of the majority of humans, the dysfunctional ethnic, racial and nationalistic prejudices, and the vast misdirection of attention by the popular media away from the real important issues of life towards gossip, blame, consumerism and entertainment.

How to free men's minds from such garbage is a complex issue to be addressed elsewhere but first all such false and dysfunctional beliefs must be actively combated by the educational intelligence and clearly shown to be false and dysfunctional. Second the power of all religious institutions must be diminished by withdrawal of preferred tax status etc. Third the whole advertising media must be strictly regulated to simply announce and tell the truth about products rather than subtely implanting the desire for unneeded consumer products of all types.


To counter the current media which essentially function as consumer and social engineering propaganda, there should be a single world wide government run media which tells the truth about all things of importance to the people. This should include local and world news, new advances in understanding the world, comparison and ratings of consumer products and analysis of their effects on society and the planet as a whole. This should be available in a number of mediums, have no advertisements, be entirely apolitical, and be interesting and friendly so that people will enjoy watching and learning. It should not talk down to the lowest common denominator but be geared to raising the general level of understanding. It should be entirely free to all people as it is in the good of the people and society as a whole to increase the general level of functional knowledge. All media has a very strong influence on the mind of society and the overall effect of this government media should be directed towards nurturing the healthiest most intelligent and compassionate global social mentality possible.


The only effective government for such a sustainable planet with no war is a single global government with sufficient power to insure the body of justice is adhered to worldwide and that the same just laws apply universally. Yet the goal of this government must be first and foremost the good of the planet and secondly the good of the human population which depends entirely upon the first. Governments throughout history have a rather poor record at reconciling the good of the people with their own power and we will describe below how best to choose the administrators and advisors of this government.


Rather than governments be decided by fights between special interests an optimal government would be totally non political. It would be a collective arm of the people devoted entirely to providing essential services in the most efficient and effective way back to the people. Rather than a national government in contest with others it would be more a civil service devoted to providing essential services to the global society, the people, and the planet.

It would provide the following essential services free of charge and supported by general revenues. This is because the provision of such services improves the health of the society and the earth as a whole and is thus essential for the good of all.

PUBLIC SAFETY: A single agency devoted to all aspects of protecting people and the Earth from natural disasters, and where necessary from each other. Consisting of globally distributed rapid response teams available for police emergencies, building and forest fire response, disaster response of all types, mitigation and rectification of imbalances in natural systems where needed. This would consist of a standing global guard in which everyone would serve a couple of years as a public service when young. This would instill a feeling of accomplishment and unity with society in having made a contribution to the common global good.

HEALTH CARE: Health care is an absolutely essential service and must be free to all people. The health care system must be run by the government to be efficient and non profit to reduce costs and fraud. Doctors should be paid reasonable salaries by the state. There would be no need for health insurance with all its burden on society and individuals. To cover death and funeral expenses free as well.

EDUCATION: As mentioned above to be entirely free and government run at all levels with advancement up to the level of ultimate competence.

MEDIA: As mentioned above free non commercial media geared towards providing objective truth. Probably best combined with education in a single agency.

THE INTELLIGENT NETWORK: The global government to provide and maintain an intelligent integrated network connecting everyone and containing the most accurate current information on all subjects possible. Rather than current queries returning a million hits a truly intelligent network would instead provide the single most accurate and relevant answer to any query. It would be like holding a truly interactive conversation with an avatar of one's choice representing the super combined intelligence of the entire human race without the noise of millions of uninformed opinions. It would be so far as possible like talking to an omniscient god.

This network would be accessible without charge on any device. It would also function as a communications network with anyone on the planet, and a money transfer mechanism as well between everyone's central financial accounts maintained by the government with guaranteed security.

Since the government would exist solely to assist the people there would be no problem in everyone having a unique global ID and everyone being tracked at all times in case of emergency though such information need not be public.

MERITOCRACY: The best way to successfully transition to an optimal future is via a global government administered by the wisest and most compassionate of men. The question then becomes how to ensure that such men rise to these positions rather than perennial and current political systems in which the most ruthless and power hungry tend to rise to power, supported by their special interests on whose behalf governments are largely run. How can we stop the dynamic wherein power leads to more power and the most powerful of all rise to head governments. Throughout human history this dynamic has been extraordinarily successful as the strongest possible ruling elite provided the best possible protection against other similarly organized tribal groups or countries. But in a single global world with no external enemies that positive aspect of the powerful ruler dynamic is no longer necessary and all that remains is the negative aspects as such political systems invariably act for the good of the ruling class and only for the good of society at large to the extent necessary for the ruling elite itself to survive.

What is needed to accomplish this is to replace the power competition system with a meritocracy where the wisest and most compassionate naturally rise to the top through an educational system specifically designed for that purpose. Such an educational system must include not only the formal school system, but the direction and purpose of all media as well. It also must include at least a partial disattachment of children from parental and local influences which run counter to this vision. We will explore all these problems in some detail.

MONEY: When we consider why people worldwide do what they do on a daily basis the primary causal dynamic is to make money. Thus that which makes money is that which people do, and what people do determines the direction we speed towards the future. There are several basic problems with this causal dynamic. First it tends to be very short sighted and concentrated on what actions produce immediate monetary return. Thus it is essentially blind to its future consequences. Second, the money made as the result of any action is of course the money someone else is willing to pay to themselves benefit from that action. Again the payment is almost always made on the basis of short term gain and thus both sides of the market system remain blind to the consequences of its unfolding dynamic. The direction of the future is almost entirely determined by the immediate evaluation of short term monetary gain.

There are a number of ways this motivator skews the direction historical process takes towards the future in a sub optimal way. First it sacrifices the sustainable future for present profit because the long term consequences of current monetary transactions do not appear as monetized values in the current transactions.

I see no intrinsic problem with a quantitative system of points for the production of value. That after all incents the production of value within the system. It is more a matter of what constitutes the value that is to be incented and rewarded. Money is after all simply numbers that can be exchanged within a system for value contributed to that system. So we can imagine a single purely electronic system with no physical money in which 1.) the government simply credits to every person's account on a regular basis the absolute minimum necessary to purchase the requirements for survival. In addition to that there is a network wide evaluation and rewards system where the wisest reward with additional credits contributions of value by all the populace. This would be in addition to the current market system of personal and business exchanges of value credits we call buying and selling. Thus poets, artists and philosophers and scientists who post works on the network would receive timely credits proportional to their value to their addition to human knowledge and enjoyment. Currently such works are only poorly incented and rewarded by sale of 'hard copies' such as books, records, etc. Pay per view and play systems and subscription based scientific publication systems are a step towards this however they have the effect of inhibiting the free exchange of ideas and artistic works. Thus all such works should be totally free and the creator credited on the basis of number of downloads, reviews, and judgments of value by the meritocracy who would jointly vote what amount to credit to the creator's online account.

One of the greatest problems with current systems in their enormous inefficiencies. A single network wide financial value credits system where every individual had a single account into which credits could be deposited and out of which simple flat taxes could be automatically deducted by the government as well as replacing cash for all personal transactions would effect an enormous efficiency of scale. The ideal, one of the primary goals of E2 is to reduce all unnecessary 'make work' to the absolute minimum so that all human effort can be directed towards production of increases in human knowledge and the production of real values such as stewardship of the planet. A single global financial network is one of the primary means that can be achieved.

LABOR: The current problems of poverty and unemployment are due mainly to one simple fact. With current technology everything that people actually need can be produced by a small fraction of the people that exist. And with increases in technology this problem is only going to get worse. Thus the percent involved in production produces enough for everyone include the unemployed who can't pay for it. The current solution is varying degrees of redistribution of wealth across different countries from those that produce and earn salaries to those that don't. This has the effect of diminishing social disorder and allowing the non producers to buy goods which in turn pays for the continuing production of more goods. However this is not an optimal solution.

And the situation is actually much worse than the figures indicate for two reasons. First the percentage of people who don't actually produce anything is much higher than the unemployment figures when children, the elderly, people on welfare or with independent means, the part time nature of house work, and other factors are considered. The true figure is not the reported number of unemployed but the number of employed as a percentage of the total population which is a much smaller percentage. The second reason is that almost all of what is produced is not actually needed but is instead produced to supply artificial consumerist wants implanted by advertising. Thus the number of people needed to actually produce what is actually needed is much much less than the number currently employed.

The optimal solution is that all people that are able work greatly reduced hours and earn enough in aggregate to pay for everything that is produced. This enables everyone to enjoy great amounts of leisure time to enrich their lives but also to gain satisfaction as a productive member of society. And as technology advances and robots become more effective the ancient burden of work on humanity will become even less and everyone will enjoy ever more increased freedom with the time they have here on earth.


The goal of the ideal justice system is to justly resolve conflicts among its member citizens so as to optimize the happiness and welfare of society as a whole and of the natural world of which it is a part. This is achieved by resolving conflicts for the optimal happiness of the parties involved on the basis of uniform, just, intelligent and compassionate laws.

A single global justice system with equal rights and restrictions and responsibilities for all people worldwide. Everyone subject to a single, simple uniform code based upon just, intelligent and compassionate principles.

Not subject to change by legislators. Get it right the first time and then only change it if needed after extensive analysis of effects. So there need be no legislative bodies except at the very top level, and those not subject to the influence of money or special interests.

Automated AI trial system. Rather than an adversarial attorney based system, an automated intelligent judging system would accept all evidence, past histories of all parties, forensic evidence and guide and analyze the process, applying the laws to come up with the optimal verdict for all parties and society. The idea is to apply the law intelligently, humanely, and uniformly for any accused, paid for entirely by the state so that money no longer buys justice, nor is justice subject to the whims, prejudices and agendas of attorneys, jurors and judges.

The Uniform Legal Code based on several basic principles. 1. That everyone be as free as possible as long as they don't harm a victim which could be another human, an animal or a protected part of the shared natural environment (with limited exceptions for personal property modification and minimal localized resource extraction). 2. That there is no crime without harm to a victim, and 3. that criminal penalties are to compensate the harm done to the victim, and that compensation be commensurate with the extent and degree of harm.

The prison system in its current form should be abolished for two important reasons. 1. By forming societies of unreformed criminals the current prison system fosters more criminality rather than reform. 2. It is an enormous sink of societal resources. Not only does it remove large numbers of potentially productive citizens from the workforce, the enormous resources expended in incarcerating the convicted could be used instead to make major improvements to society in general. Thus incarceration should be short term and reserved only for persons actively dangerous to society.

Non-violent criminals should instead be sentenced to good jobs where they can be continually monitored (with tracking and mood monitoring chips), given the training necessary to perform them, and their movements monitored and restricted so they are kept in the company only of caring, happy and well adjusted people who can serve as role models for the ex-con's reformed self. Required medications to inhibit violence can be sparingly used in extreme cases only when absolutely necessary. We don't want a medicated population.

In the most extreme situations of incorrigible, untreatable violent mental illness with no hope of cure, humane execution might be the most reasonable option. The most humane method of execution is to instantly and completely destroy life with no forewarning. This is the only method that avoids all suffering. Incarcerating such cases over a lifetime is a large and unnecessary diversion of resources from more beneficial uses. There is no doubt a way to instantly stop all of a person's electrical activity, just like turning off an electrical switch.

INTERACTING WITH THE NATURAL WORLD: The most effective way to preserve the biosphere is to let much of the earth revert to an entirely natural state with only the most minimal of human intrusion. In the future it should be possible to construct comfortable protective clothing exoskeleton combinations that would allow humans to move freely through all environments protected from all potentially harmful animal or insect encounters. That would be simply wonderful to be able to freely move through the Serengeti on foot with no danger. Such hikes would be almost entirely harmless to nature and in fact could be to the benefit of nature as it would allow the continual monitoring of the health of natural systems around the world.

Such close and easy interactions with animals in the wild would also largely satisfy the human desire for wild 'pets' which causes enormous animal suffering and threatens many species with extinction. That would be illegal in E2.

As to the exploitation of natural resources that is a matter of common sense as to how to balance the needs of an advanced human civilization with ensuring the health of the biosphere. There is for example an enormous difference in the destruction of whole forests for lumber and conversion to palm oil and other unhealthy products, and the spot mining of deposits of essential resources, which while they are locally devastating have little effect on the health of whole natural areas.


It is not sufficient just to present an ideal future as that simply begs the question as to why the present is not ideal. The problem is that the world's political, economic and social systems are outgrowths of our human nature. Those very human characteristics such as local self interest and competitive aggression which made us by far the most successful species on the planet are now precisely the characteristics that threaten our future and that of the biosphere upon which we depend. They enabled us to out compete all other species and essentially take over our planet, but if we continue to act from these same motivations we will end up competing to use up the resources upon which our survival depends. So not only must we develop an ideal vision for the future but we must also understand how we are to adapt and control our innate human biological natures to naturally lead towards that optimal future. Though human nature is deeply ingrained in our biological natures human culture has from its beginnings constrained and codified it so that humans could live together in larger and larger societies. An optimal future demands a single global society at peace with itself and in sustainable balance with nature. To achieve that we must identify not with particular competeting nations, ethnics, religions and races but with our common humanity and even our common identity with all species as creatures of the Earth. Only when all creatures of the Earth consider themselves as a single unified tribe will there be no 'others' for our human programming to compete against. Only then will mankind be able to work for the common good of all and the planet upon which we reside. The only way this can be done is through a global education system that instills in all humans their common humanity, and their common biology with all living beings.



Personal life for individuals is secure and stable. People have everything they need to live comfortably pretty much as they wish. For some it will be a permanent vacation, traveling freely and safely anywhere in the world, seeing the sights and staying as long as they like.

People can spend their time being creative or artistic, writing or educating themselves on any subject imaginable on the Smart Net. Or they can quickly and easily travel anywhere to experience the natural wonders of the world. With their Smart Suits they can mingle freely and safely with all wildlife and experience nature first hand.


Everyone will have a full complement of friendly, obedient and intelligent robotic servants who take care of all daily tasks both administrative and menial. All act as personal avatars with the collective intelligence of the Smart Network.


It is easy to meet compatible people for any purpose anywhere in the world. Everyone just uploads the complete details of what kind of person(s) they are looking for and the Smart Net hooks them up for mutual approval. They can they meet, either in person or via the Smart Net, for discussions, parties, outings or romantic encounters as they choose.


Everyone can do whatever they like with complete freedom so long as it causes no harm to anyone else. And any type of interaction with anyone else is allowed so long as it is actively consensual and with informed consent, that is all information that could affect the encounter is shared. This can be ensured by arranging it through the Smart Net.


All personal data is known to the Smart Net but is held privately by it. With a completely benevolent government it is advantageous that all one's data be known to it. Only when government cannot be trusted is it reasonable to keep one's data from private from that government.