The Physical Sciences

Comments On Selected Topics In The Physical Sciences

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DO GRAVITONS EXIST? I doubt there are any such thing as gravitons. Reason? Gravitation is a one way force. For gravitons to cause gravitation by flowing from a larger mass to a smaller more would continuously have to flow out of the larger mass than come in. Therefore the supply would have to be inexhaustible which cannot be the case. Therefore gravitons cannot exist. Gravitation is actually caused by the relative size differences in unit processor cells of the universe. These cells produce the dimensional network of space and the larger ones which are occupied by massive particles produce dilations in the dimensionality of space around them when space is dimensionalized as quantum states decohere. I'm working on a paper that will explain all this in more detail which I'll post here when ready.

THERE ARE NO PHYSICAL INFINITIES: There are no physical infinities or infinitesimals. These are artifacts of the human logico-mathematical systems by which humans attempt to approximate the actual physical laws of nature.

PLANCK LIMITS? I've always been skeptical of using the Planck constants as some assumed lower bound for natural constants just because these dimensionless entities work out small. It's of course inconsistent since at least one Planck constant is far larger than known real world examples. It seems based more on physicist's ideology rather than any actual physical evidence.

HOLOGRAPHIC COSMOLOGY? I would note that the visual horizon, what I call the retinal sky, is a two dimensional representation on the retina which the mind interprets as 3 dimensional space. Perhaps its a relevant analogy here?

ORDER, RANDOMNESS AND TURBULENCE: What we see in physical events is not order or randomness, but a mix of order continually spiced with randomness.

Sure there is plenty of non human computability, that is actual order that humans are just not aware of. But when that is subtracted there is still randomness left in the world that comes from quantum sources. Human computational abilities have nothing to do with whether quantum events are random.

Prime number randomness is not something real in the actual physical world, but an artifact of humans trying to apply their imperfect model of the actual physical math and logical nature of the actual physical world.

MATERIALISM VS OTHER ISMS: I am neither materialistic nor spiritualistic. The physical world and consciousness are just two views or interpretations or perspectives of the same reality. I wouldn't call anything metaphysical. Everything is physical in an expanded sense and part of the same unified reality.