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         Welcome! This website presents my often very original out of the box thinking on a wide range of subjects, everything from current affairs to serious science and philosophy. I guarantee you will encounter many ideas here you will find absolutely no where else. No doubt many will find some of these ideas controversial to say the least, and, given the deficiencies of human nature, there is probably something here that will offend nearly everyone! However my objective, unlike most, is not to win friends or pander to political correctness or any particular ideology, it is to clearly and objectively think issues through on their merits, and especially to understand their implications within the whole complex network of events. It is to discover the truth of whole systems and the effects of individual decisions on those systems, and to recommend effective actions and policies most likely to produce optimal results; and to critique those which, like so many today, produce unintended and often dysfunctional consequences.

         The two major concerns of this website are first the fundamental nature of reality. After a lifetime of study my current thinking on this is detailed in my book 'Reality' available on Amazon through the link in the left menu. The other main topic is how to best reconfigure human society for the optimal sustainable benefit of all people as well as the biosphere of other living beings we share the planet with. This is a very difficult task and my thinking on this is still developing. Hopefully a book on this will be forthcoming as well.

         There is good evidence that the future of our planet is seriously threatened by ever accelerating human activity, and the more human activity is guided by wisdom rather than short term individual advantage, the less we will have lost and the more we may yet save. But this can happen only if we begin to think much more clearly about the real problems facing us as a species and our planet. Man is an evolutionary animal, and many of the very successful traits that ensured our early survival and proliferation now threaten our very existence and that of the Earth as well. Only if we think sanely and clearly, and incorporate such thinking into public policy, can we hope to survive and prosper. It is my hope that these posts may make a small contribution to this process...

         The ideas and theories here, sometimes incomplete and fragmentary, are all certainly subject to improvement and falsification, and I welcome any factual corrections and serious comments. The general approach here is that everything is subject to reason, that logic works provided that one begins from sound premises and takes whole networks of events into consideration, and that in terms of policy, reason should be guided by compassion, both for humanity, and for the planet we share with all living creatures. Unfortunately humans often find it difficult to think rationally for the common good, and they certainly begin from a wide range of conflicting and unsound premises primarily as a result of their past and current programming by diverse social forces. My hope is that the ideas presented here might bring some small bit of wisdom and clarity to the issues most important to human welfare and the future of our planet.

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         Please feel free to contact me at EdgarOwen@att.net with any serious comments, suggestions or corrections. I enjoy being proven wrong because that means I just learned something new! Thank you for visiting and I sincerely hope this site inspires you to think more deeply and clearly about the critical issues of our existence.

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